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20 Percent Of US Internet Users Now Tweet Says Pew

A recent study has discovered that around one in five internet users is either tweeting on Twitter or using other such service to stay connected with their friends and colleagues.

The research document from Pew Internet & American Life Project has shown a remarkable rise in the number of people flocking to the social networking sites, like Twitter, to share their personal and business updates with others.

According to the stats forwarded by the study, as many as 19 percent of the web users now tweet to share their personal and business information with their friends, registering a remarkable eight percent rise from a similar study conducted back in April.

Overall, the study revealed that the incredible growth of Twitter is primarily driven by three distinct types of users: those who are using social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook on a regular basis; users of smartphones and other high-end handheld devices; and young internet users.

The survey, therefore, has broken the long-standing notion that young people don’t have the affinity for Twitter and the website is only favoured by people from older age groups.

Researchers from Pew claimed that the number of people, aged between 18 and 24, who have been using some type of status update service has doubled over the past year, mainly because of the Twitter’s soaring success.

Our Comments

Young adults and teenagers are overwhelmingly early adopters and tend to have favour smartphones which are increasingly being used to access twitter via third party services like Tweetdeck. It should be noted that Pew's research tend to cover US users only which means that the trend might not be the same elsewhere.

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