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Apple Finally Upgrades Mac Mini PC

Apple has finally managed to upgrade the tiny, small form factor Mac Mini although the changes are not as substantial as for the iMac for example; one big difference though is Mac OS X Server coming to the diminutive computer.

The Mac mini comes in three flavours now starting from £499 which delivers a Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.26GHz, packs 2GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive, a slot in DVD writer, a Geforce 9400M and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

For an extra $150, you get a slightly faster processor, twice the amount of memory and had disk storage.

The most interesting model though is the more expensive model, a £799 Mac Mini server which has two 500GB hard disk drive and a Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard, making it ideal as a media server tucked away.

Like for other iMac, the Mac Mini comes with a wireless 802.11n, Bluetooth, GbE, Combined optical digital audio input/audio line in and out, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and iLife '09. There's even an option for RAID5 data protection available on the Mac Mini server version.

Our Comments

The Mac Mini server appears to be a very appealing and attractive model which could possibly be used by small and medium businesses. Given that Mac OS X Server by itself costs a whopping £399, it looks as if it is an excellent deal indeed.

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