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DSGi Giving Discounts On Windows 7 Computers When Trading In Laptops

DSGi, the owners of PC World, Currys and Dixons and one of Europe's largest computer retailers, announced yesterday during the official UK launch of Windows 7 in London that they would be giving up to £100 cashback when users trade in their old laptops for a new one running Windows 7.

Unfortunately, PC World has been quiet with regards to the terms and conditions with regards to the "trade-in" process. It states on its website that you will receive up to £100 off a new Windows 7 PC or laptop when you trade in a laptop. The laptop must be in working order or at least able to startup.

Yet, the valuation will ultimately depend on the laptop's age, specification or condition, something that DSGi fails to clarify. In comparison, Sony's recent TV scrappage scheme was much clearer. Bring your old television, working or not, and you get up to £150 discount on some televisions.

The issue is that many customers would possibly get significantly more selling their computers either on Gumtree or Ebay or through specialists shops like Computer Exchange. Still, even without the trade in discount, one can buy a EI Systems laptop with Windows 7 (opens in new tab) Home Premium for as little as £330 with a Windows 7 powered computer starting from only £280 (opens in new tab).

Interestingly, PC World also offers potential customers the prospect of buying now and paying in 6 months on orders worth £289 and over and alternatively 12 months on orders worth £399 or more.

The deal is available online and in store and unlike other similar schemes offered by its competitors, you do not have to pay a processing fee, only a 10 percent deposit at the beginning of the finance period.

Our Comments

Shame on DSGi for not saying more about what could have been a great deal. Weirdly, you cannot bring your old desktop computer in for evaluation possibly because they are more difficult to sell back. Expect DSGi to sell many of those laptops - if they are still in good condition - on its own website as "refurbished".

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