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IBM To Sell Voltaire's 10GbE Switches

Voltaire, the worldwide leader in server and storage switches, has announced that it is further extending its reseller agreement with IBM that would see the latter selling Voltaire’s new 10GB Ethernet switches, codenamed as the “Vantage 8500”.

Big Blue will flog Voltaire’s newly released 10GB Ethernet switches along with its integrated System Cluster 1350 portfolio of products.

The inclusion of Voltaire’s scale-out switches into the IBM’s datacentre networking array offers customers who are engaged into designing advanced, virtualised datacentres as well as cloud environments, a cost-effective solution that delivers scalability, along with high efficiency and performance.

The recently-released Vantage 8500 is a high-density Layer 2 core switch that offers latency levels less than 10 microsecond, and a power consumption of around 10 watts per port.

In addition, the company further asserted that up to 12 such switches can be integrated to support thousands of servers without sacrificing the overall performance and scalability.

Alex Yost, VO of IBM Systems and Technology Group, said: “Our inclusion of Voltaire's 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches in our Dynamic Infrastructure portfolio for System x is part of IBM's ongoing strategy to give our customers more flexibility and choice of innovative networking solutions to address the growing demands on their IT environments”.

Our Comments

Quite interesting to see that IBM is continuing to encroach on what was (and still is) Cisco's turf. High end networking equipment not only have relatively high margins but also provide IBM with a foot in the door and allow the tech company to provide with a more complete solution.

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