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Majority Of UK Firms To Migrate To Windows 7 Before 2011

A survey carried out by research analyst firm Forrester Research found out that the majority of UK businesses questioned are looking forward to move to Windows 7 over the next 12 months.

53 percent of the UK decision makers probed say that they will run Windows 7 in 2010 on their system and the majority of them will replace antique Windows XP, not Vista, which was the immediate predecessor of Windows 7.

Forrester Research polled 655 IT Decision makers from companies in North America and Europe in its quarterly Enterprise and SMB hardware survey. They found out that around 81 percent of desktops in the corporate sector are still running Windows XP, well over five times those running on Windows Vista.

This is corroborated by data from Net Applications' Hitslink report which shows that globally, Windows XP has 71.5 percent of the market while Windows Vista is a distant second with 18.62 percent. But then again, Hitslink surveys both consumer and corporate desktops.

Overall, nearly half of businesses who will move to Windows 7 have no detailed plans as to how and when the process will take place. One tenth say that they will roll out the operating system but possibly into 2011. A small but significant five percent are mulling plans to move to Mac or Linux or another OS.

Furthermore, companies are likely to deploy Windows Server 2008 in conjunction with Windows 7 as some features in both operating systems can only rolled out when deployed together.

Our Comments

Even at Netcommunities, we would be looking to migrate to Windows 7 after remaining strongly attached to Windows XP for several years. However, we feel that the time has now come to move forward. Bottom line is that Windows 7 is thoroughly enjoyable, an operating system that does what it says on the tin.

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