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Microsoft Starts Selling Computers Online

In what comes across as a major surprise for industry watchers, software giant computer giant Microsoft has started to sell personal computers through its revamped online store.

The move (opens in new tab) by Microsoft to start selling personal computers and even third party software though its online store is seen by many as an effort to replicate the success that Apple has achieved though its extensive network of retail stores.

Previously only, Microsoft’s own products were available through its online store while now it offers an extensive list of products that range from systems from vendors like Lenovo and software from Adobe and Norton.

The store has been massively rejigged and there's even a new logo that has been added. However, only the US version of the site carry the third party hardware. The Microsoft Store UK and other non US ones still are Microsoft Only.

It also has an accessories section that features a lot of keyboards, web cams along with several varieties of flash drives and blank DVDs from different vendors.

The revamped online store also presents a list of 10 laptop models, including models that are below $750 while it also offers several Netbooks and very competitive prices.

Microsoft's decision to sell computers through its online store comes hot on the heels of its launch of Windows 7 and it shows Microsoft’s intention to aggressively target rival companies like Apple and push it new operating system.

Our Comments

That was a surprising mood indeed and we don't know if the software giant will be planning to expand this massively to become a real rival to some of its partners (Best buy, PC World, Walmart). This is highly unlikely though as it could damage long lasting relationships. Now, if Microsoft ever wanted to launch its own Microsoft-branded PC.

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