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Wikipedia To Collaborate With HP On Personalised Magazine Venture

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's founder, has announced that he has entered into an agreement with MagCloud, the printing service of computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard’s that will let users create their own customised print magazines.

Wales, who founded the world’s most popular online encyclopaedia, said the deal would let users publish their own personalised magazines using Wikia sites.

With the traditional magazine readership is plunging considerably with every passing day, the new initiative aims at exploring the avenues in this arena and allows users to personalise loads of information present on the web.

However, the idea here is markedly distinct from conventional magazine, as unlike traditional print magazines, which are generally monthly or weekly publications, the new system would allow users to create their own high-quality, glossy, full-colour magazines for personal use on demand as well as mass distribution.

Discussing the same, Wales quoted in a blog post: “The traditional magazine has not kept pace with the needs of readers or advertisers. The death of the traditional magazine has come about because people are demanding more information, of better quality, and faster”.

However, in a blog post Wales noted that he isn’t sure about the popularity of Wikia MagCloud magazines, but he believed that the idea itself carries a huge potential.

Our Comments

Paper is dead, which is in itself a good thing. HP has some vested interest in it since it still rakes in billions of revenues when it comes to selling printers and associated consumables. Less paper means more trees surviving, a much smaller carbon footprint and a more sustainable platform .

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