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Windows 7 Becomes Amazon's Biggest Pre-order Ever

Retail giant Amazon has confirmed that Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 has surpassed J.K. Rowling’s last novel, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, and Nintendo Wii to become the biggest-ever grossing pre-order product in the UK.

According to, the software giant’s latest OS has sold more pre-order copies in its first eight hours of release than its predecessor Vista did during its whole pre-order period.

Brian McBride, managing director of, said in a statement: “The launch of Windows 7 has superseded everyone's expectations, storming ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as the biggest grossing pre-order product of all-time at, and demand is still going strong”.

He further went on to say that over the last couple of months, only Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ has managed to sold more pre-order copies than Windows 7, which is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement for a software product.

The sales of the OS might have jumped because of the great experience the users had with its last beta version, which received accolades from technology experts worldwide.

The announcement of massive sales of the pre-order copies of Windows 7, which is ready to hit the shelves today, would unarguably be a gratifying call for Redmond, particularly after Vista has seemingly failed to live up to the expectations of PC users.

Our Comments

The roaring success of Windows 7 is by no way a surprise given the fact that more than 15 million people have already tested it extensively and Microsoft's latest operating system is without any doubt a significantly better software than its predecessor, Windows Vista.

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