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Amazon Starts Kindle Software For Windows 7 Platform

Online retail bellwether Amazon on Thursday announced that it is planning to unleash an iteration of its hugely popular Kindle e-book application for the PC, and more specifically for Windows 7.

Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer discussed about the “Kindle for PC” app, which enables users to port e-books from the e-reader device to laptops as well as desktops, while he was launching Windows 7 in New York.

In addition to showing Kindle e-books on the PC screens, the new app also lets users to download Kindle e-books directly from’s Kindle store.

Perhaps, the most attractive feature of the app is the integration of Amazon’s WhisperSync technology, which aligns users’ progress through their books as they go on reading them.

Mike Nash, corporate VP of Windows Platform Strategy, said in a statement: “With the announcement of Kindle for PC, Amazon is making its massive selection of Kindle books available on the world's most widely used platform”.

The new move would offer a win-win situation for both the partner companies, as it wouldn’t just add to the numerous reasons for users to switch their operating system to Windows 7, but it would also help Amazon to enhance the market penetration of its Kindle format.

Our Comments

Great timing by Amazon as it tries to piggyback on the launch of Windows 7. Now it will be interesting to see whether there will be devices that will use the Kindle app efficiently. We don't expect people to use it on a desktop or let alone on a notebook. So expect more tablet PCs based around the Atom platform to come out fairly soon.

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