RIPE Denies SOCA Claims It Gave Green Card To RBN

In its response to the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) claims that has brought the internet security into question, the internet registry RIPE NCC has claimed that it was nowhere involved in dealings with the cybercrime organisation Russian Business Network (RBN).

RIPE, a European body responsible for allocating IP resources to the industry, was condemned at the RSA Conference for letting RBN to register domains that could have resulted in inflicting damages to web users worldwide.

The chief of intelligence at the e-crime department of the SOCA, Andy Auld, indicated that allowing RBN register itself as an authorised local registry or ISP could be considered as equivalent to money laundering.

However, Paul Hendek, the chief of external relations and communications with RIPE, has played down the “money laundering” allegations, and claimed that his organisation employs very stringent measures when it enters into relationships with the new clients.

He further went on to explain that RBN was accepted as a customer back in 2006 only after it was subjected to a thorough scrutiny, and that RIPE has already kicked off the procedure of removing RBN after it was discovered that the group wasn’t adhering to its policies.

Shedding off the accusations from SOCA, Rendek said in a statement: “We have always co-operated with SOCA, and continue to work very closely with relevant criminal investigation bodies to ensure that investigations can be carried out as swiftly and efficiently as possible”.

Our Comments

The RBN is truly a nefarious organisations that has caused havoc many a time. because it is based in Russia and operates in many satellite countries as well. It is well known that RBN is behind many spam attacks, hacking and other criminal activities and for RIPE to take that long to identify and remove RBN is slightly worrying.

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