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HTC HD2 Smartphone Available In UK From £486

The HTC HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone will be available on the 11th of November SIM Free from Expansys for £500 including a £30 Expansys voucher.

But it is Insight that has it for the cheapest (opens in new tab) - £486.43 - if you don't want the voucher. The phone (opens in new tab), which is the first Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC's Sense user interface, has a high resolution 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display that can display a staggering 800x480 WVGA resolution.

That's significantly higher than iPhone-class smartphones but it is only now that HTC has managed to bring in the popular "pinch to zoom" option, something that the iPhone already had for two years.

There's also a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with a 5-megapixel camera with a LED flash and autofocus, all in a sleek, slim and classy chassis. In addition, the HD2, which was formerly known as Leo, comes with GPS, WiFi, 3G, HSUPA and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In addition, HTC has thrown in 960MB of internal memory (448MB RAM and 512MB ROM). The HD2 is also available from Amazon UK for £550 on preorder (opens in new tab). Play also sells it for £500 with a 10 percent off a PNY 8GB Memory card; note that the phone also comes with a 2GB microSD memory card.

The phone will also be available from O2 for around £35 per month which will pit it squarely against the iPhone 3G and the Palm Pre. It will also be available on T-Mobile USA by the end of next month.

Our Comments

Those buying the HD2 from Amazon will also get a free HTC branded Bluetooth handset. Let's hope that HTC also launches an Android version of this great phone to give the iPhone a proper run for its money.

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