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Netflix HD To Come To Nintendo Wii, PS3?

US Online video on demand provider Netflix is preparing to launch the popular service on a new device which could either be Sony Playstation 3 or the Nintendo Wii console (although other devices could be in the fray).

Netflix has confirmed that it will be launching the service for a platform that already has a large number of users. It is already running on tens of thousands of Xbox 360 consoles, much to the joy of Microsoft and could potentially spell the start of a series of new platform announcements.

Currently, Netflix is a blockbuster type service which allows users that subscribe to its monthly DVD rental to stream movies instantly over the internet. Netflix customers can watch movies as often as they want and they can even stream them to a television via an internet connected Netflix ready devices.

More than 17,000 movies are currently available for Mac and PC users to enjoy plus they are available for as little as $8.99 per month on the one DVD at a time scheme. The only problem for Britons, on this side of the Atlantic, is that Netflix is not available in the US ... yet.

Our Comments

Netflix runs on a number of other platforms like the Roku digital video player, LG and Samsung connected devices and the TiVo. Now if only Netflix could release a DVD-less service that would allow people to download the content, that would be perfect. Thinking about it, it could be a plan for Spotify or Hulu.

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