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Will T-Mobile Even More & Even More Plus Come to UK?

T-Mobile US has unveiled two new mobile phone plans called Even More and Even More plus and costs as little as $59 (£36) for the former and $49 (£30) for the latter.

The differences between the two are that Even More pricing includes subsidies for any new mobile phone and therefore ties the customer for a two year contract. In contrast, the Even More Plus is basically a SIM Only package.

However, what would differentiate this offer from the rest of the market if it was ever introduced in the UK would be that it offers unlimited minutes for the price. Add in unlimited text and no-limit internet and the price jumps to $99.99, roughly £61 (the premium for the subsidy is $20 per month).

Originally coined Project Dark, the scheme aims at attracting more users to the mobile phone network where it is squeezed between Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

Unlimited deals are quite popular in the US and there are even family deals like AT&T unlimited that offers two lines with unlimited everything for $250 per month.

Brian Lam from Gizmodo however points out that T-Mobile's 3G coverage isn't as good as AT&T (which itself isn't as good as Verizon Wireless).

Still, it would be smashing if T-Mobile UK could include such a deal. Right now, the nearest thing to an "unlimited" deal would be the Solo 30 which gives you a staggering 1900 minutes, unlimited texts and internet for £30 per month on a 12 month contract.

Our Comments

Obviously, let's not forget Tesco's own "unlimited" £30 Mobile Phone Contract that was launched back in July and gave £500 worth of texts, picture SMS, calls and browsing per month.

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