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Amazon Debuts Apple iPhone Shopping App

Amazon has launched a new free iPhone App unsurprisingly called Amazon Mobile App which allows users to search the online retailer's database of products, compare prices and read reviews through a simple interface.

The app, which was launched last year in the US, will also remember the customised settings on the iPhone's user including the one-click purchasing option, any wish list, delivery tracking and any other options normally offered through the browser once the user logs in.

Amazon has also thrown in a rather useful feature called Amazon Remembers, which uses the iPhone capability to snap pictures to "find and remember" items. This is particularly useful if you come across a book or a gadget while roaming around.

The picture is then uploaded to Amazon where it is identified and within a few seconds, a link from Amazon appears with the corresponding price. That's the theory, however, as Crave found it, it doesn't work that well and very often, returns results that were not up to the expectations.

The managing director of Amazon UK, Brian McBridge, said in a statement that "Experience in the US tells us the Amazon Remembers feature is very useful to customers because it remembers items of interest for them, helping to keep track of products and matching photos with items to buy on Amazon".

Our Comments

This app from Amazon is the official one but it is not the only one. There are a number of unofficial Amazon applications as well, some more useful than others. Anyhow, just like for Ebay, Amazon's app is very likely to be right there amongst the most downloaded apps.

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