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HTC Debuts YOU Advertising Campaign After Yahoo, Microsoft

With an eye on increasing its global business presence, leading smartphone manufacturer HTC has rolled out a new global advertisement campaign that will run across 20 countries.

The new campaign from HTC aims to position the brand in the high quality segment and it sports the tagline "You don't need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you."

The advertisement campaign is an attempt to push its corporate slogan of Quietly Brilliant and it is trying to come across as a company that places the customer at the center of its attention.

It is interesting to note that the first HTC commercials of the new campaign are already available on YouTube while HTC has also redesigned it website to suit the new positioning.

With its extensive campaign, HTC is attempting to shore up its global profile and analysts consider it as part of its strategy to gain the same recognition which rivals like Nokia, LG and Samsung have earned in the mobile handset market.

Though it is too early to predict how the campaign will turn out for the mobile handset vendor, it is expected at least to make the brand name visible in many parts of the world where its presence has been rather limited.

Our Comments

The latest edition of the Fortune magazine has an interesting article about Chinese manufacturers trying to go up the food chain and stop being "only" manufacturers. HTC, Lenovo & Haier amongst others have tried to do just that. Furthermore it is interesting to see that Yahoo, Microsoft and HTC are all going back to basics; the customer.

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