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IBM Expands Midmarket Offerings

In a move aimed at improving its penetration in the mid size business segment, leading computer major IBM has come out with a bouquet of new offerings that are designed to help businesses cut costs and manage risk in an effective manner.

IBM believes that its set of specially tailored mid size business solutions which include the likes of Tivoli Foundations Application Manager, IBM System Storage DS3950 Express along with Tivoli Foundations Service Manager will allow mid size businesses to become more competitive and better manage their business processes by improving the utilization of IT capacity.

Explaining the rationale behind the new set of offerings, Ed Abrams, Vice President Marketing at IBM mentioned that the new solutions are designed to help mid size businesses "improve their server utilization, IT utilization, help improve their infrastructure costs, build an IT infrastructure that is more flexible and aligned with the needs of their business."

A key part of the solution that IBM is pushing includes the Rational AppScan OnDemand, which is used for identifying web application susceptibilities like buffer overflow and cross-site scripting besides being capable of searching embedded malware in web properties.

Thus it allows midsize businesses to have stringent security for their applications and helps them comply with industry standards that may not be otherwise easy to maintain.

Our Comments

Yet another product launch from Big Blue. IBM is positioning itself as the leader of the midsize segment and its wide portfolio will surely help it gain a strong following once the recession fades away. Still, watch out for HP and Dell which are both eyeing a chunk of that market.

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