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NHS Officially Adopts The Nintendo Wii Fit Plus : Our April Fool Turns True

Nintendo has become the first gaming company ever to receive NHS's Change4Life logo courtesy of the UK Department of Health, nearly seven months after our April fool article suggests that such a move would be welcomed.

The decision by the government aims at encouraging families to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle, at a time when the level of obesity is reaching epidemic proportions.

Therefore, unlike many other products on the health market, using the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus (the product that actually got the accreditation) will help maintain a better shape and health as part of a "structured exercise scheme".

Users will be able to perform Yoga exercise, calorie-burning exercises and players can customise their exercises to work out specific parts of their bodies.

Nearly three million Wii Fit games have been sold in the United Kingdom with more than twice the number of Nintendo Wii consoles flogged since it was launched.

A spokesperson for the Department for Health told the Telegraph: "Active video games, where kids need to jump up and down or dance about as part of the game, are a great way to get kids moving".

The PR manager for Nintendo UK, Rob Saunders, was understandably chuffed by the decision and said that "If you are worried about your bingo wings or your flabby bum, the game will give you specific exercises to target those areas".

Back in April 2009, in an article entitled, UK Government To Distribute One Million Nintendo Wii Consoles By 2010, we explored the implications of the NHS adopting the popular Nintendo Wii as a tool to help the general population keep fit. We even went as far as designing a NHS-sponsored Wii board.

Our Comments

The Nintendo Wii Fit Plus is a peripheral for the Nintendo Wii Console and costs £74.99 - that's for the game and the Wii Fit Balance Board. Obviously, if you haven't purchase the Nintendo Wii Console in the first place, the board will be pretty useless. Amazon sells the console with two free games and a few accessories for £180.

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