Details Of Up To 500,000 Guardian Jobs Users Could Be At Risk

Personal details of as many as half a million people could have been compromised in a hacking attack launched against the Guardian’s Jobs website over the last weekend.

Guardian has already sent out email messages to the affected users, in which it stated that the issue has already been brought into the notice of the Police’s central e-crime unit.

The mail suggested the impacted users to keep in touch with their creditors to check if their accounts are compromised, as well as take services from a credit reference agency to resolve the situation.

It further urged users to subscribe to CIFAS if they considered themselves victim of the identity theft. This would place a notice on the user’s credit file marking that the name and address could be used for committing identity frauds.

It also discussed about various websites that could help them in tackling identity fraud better. The newspaper said it had been promised by its service provider Madgex that it had informed, or attempted to inform, almost everyone at risk.

The information that could have been compromised in the attack involve the things mentioned in CVs, such as name, address, email address, telephone numbers, etc. However, the newspaper rejects any likely possibility of the financial details being compromised in the hacking attempt.

Our Comments

Half a million is quite a number especially given the nature of the audience that visits the Guardian. It is unlikely that the information was lost as some have purported, more likely that it was batch downloaded. That said, the Guardian hasn't provided with further details as to what happened exactly, possibly to prevent it from occurring again.

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