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Facebook New Feature Suggests Reconnecting With Dead Loved Ones

In a move aimed at encompassing more real time happenings through its platform, Facebook has updated its site by introducing a new ‘summary view’ on its homepage that is designed to offer instant access to updates as well as offering a feature that allows users to connect with friends with whom they have not been in touch with for a long time.

Social networking sites have often attempted to come up with innovative ways to engage their user base, however the latest revamp from Facebook offers its users a feature that hints at connecting with their dead friends has not gone down too well with many of its users who have labelled it as insensitive.

The new change saw an auto generated box hinted at users to “reconnect” with people who have passed away.

Many of its users are hoping that Facebook, which currently boasts over 300 million users, will take their objections into account and withdraw the new feature.

Already a large number of users have joined a group called “back to normal” which requests Facebook to revert back to its earlier for myriad reasons ranging from a desire to get back their earlier news feed option to getting rid of the “reconnect” feature.

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