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Google Social Search Launched

In a perceptible attempt to capitalise upon the surging influence of real-time social networking in modern times, Google has rushed out the beta iteration of its proposed search tool for social networking platforms, codenamed as “Google Social Search”, as announced a week ago.

The search engine giant had announced at the Web 2.0 symposium that the feature to search Twitter updates would be incorporated in its search tool in the coming few months.

The company, however, has taken the industry by surprise by launching such a tool within a week after it had announced to do so.

Denoting the launch of the beta version of its new search tool, the company quoted in a blog post, “Today we're rolling out a new experiment on Google Labs called Google Social Search that helps you find more relevant public content from your broader social circle”.

The blog post further went on to suggest that the search company had taken several crucial steps to enhance the relevance of its search results, but it move a step further with the new launch.

The new tool would enable Google users to create their own profiles and include links of the social networking websites they want to be covered, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, along with Gmail contacts.

Search results would then include a scan of those mentioned sites and present users with relevant information.

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