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Google Voice Now Works With Your Own Number

In a move aimed at increasing the popularity of its telephony service, the search engine giant Google has now allowed the users of Google Voice to utilize their mobile numbers for collecting voice messages instead of a Google Voice number.

It is important to note that Google Voice offers a plethora of services through a Google Voice number and the service can be tailored to one’s specific requirement; however till now the voicemail service was limited to the Google voice number and a number of users had expressed their desire to have the service available on their primary mobile number.

Explaining the advantage offered by the new feature, Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet from Google mentioned in a blog post “Up until now, if you wanted to use Google Voice, you needed to choose a new number. Taking calls through your Google number allows us to offer features like call recording, call screening and getting text messages via email."

Of late Google Voice has been in the news quite often and it has even been the subject of a Federal Communications Commission investigation in the US for alleged violation of certain telecom rules.

Some analysts believe the new move by Google is also aimed at securing an approval from Apple for its Google Voice service for iPhone which incidentally is still hanging in review.

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