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Google Wave To be Launched In 2010

Just within a day after Mozilla Foundation announced that it has been working on a communication collaboration tool Raindrop, Google has come up with the probable launch date of its own flavour of collaboration product dubbed Google Wave.

The new Wave, which intends to bring instant messaging, email, social networking, and other messaging resources under one umbrella, could be made available to the users by the end of the next year, according to Lars Rasmussen, the co-founder of the product.

The trial of the product has kicked off with hundreds of thousands of users this year, with the service would extend to millions, and later on it would reach to almost every user if the things kept on going well.

Rasmussen said in a statement: “As long as we can manage people's expectations, I don't think we should be the ones artificially denying people access if they want it. But the reason we're not letting more people in is almost exclusively because the software can't handle it”.

In order to use Wave, any user must be invited by an existing user of the product. However these invites are limited in number and are primarily held by those interested in using the product to develop plug-ins and extensions before it’s introduced for all.

In addition, Rasmussen further talked about the possibility of launching an App Store-like model for the new product, in a bid to enable users to download several useful apps for ameliorating their communication in a more effective manner.

Our Comments

We have tried Google Wave and to be fair, we haven't really been extremely impressed by it. At best, it seems like a glorified version of a solution that integrates a mailbox and something resembling a message board. You will probably need a wide screen monitor to make the most of it though.

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