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Mobile Networks Overloaded With Data Says Report

Mobile broadband networks are already reeling under heavy usage loads and the situation seems to be getting further worse in the near future, according to experts.

The telecom analyst company, Informa Telecoms and Media, has forecasted that the mobile data traffic could soar by a whopping 25-fold in the next three years by 2012.

With the networks have already started showing signs of strain under the heavy data usage, the estimated rise in the data traffic could further jolt down the networks badly in certain areas, making the services difficult to be accessed by a huge chunk of users in the foreseeable future.

Highlighting the disappointing situation ahead, Dimtris Mavrakis, said in a statement to online tech news website PCPro (opens in new tab) that “The networks in developed markets in the UK and the US are starting to saturate. We see a lot of bottlenecks in data-centric areas such as London and New York”.

With the advent of a host of high-end smartphones and other 3G-enabled handheld devices, the situation seems to be getting worse in the span of three years, as the exponential growth in the user traffic would presumably trigger the problem of network crowding and thereby impact user-experience in the coming years.

LTE appears to be a solution in this case, but then it doesn’t yet seem to be getting matured as a useful technology for a few years to come.

However, Mavrakis proposed three solutions to deal with the emerging problem of network crowing, these include: ignore the problem, install network optimisation tools, or upgrade base station equipments.

Our Comments

The first solution obviously is a joke. Ignoring the problem won't solve it, far from that. Upgrading base station equipments only alleviates the problem and it might be useful to explore other possibilities as well including picocells/femtocells base station that could be built in subsidized routers.

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