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More Rumours Emerge About Apple Tablet PC

Apple may be getting ready to release its tablet computer next year according to a number of sources close to the project and CES 2010 where Steve Jobs is due to give a keynote speech, may well be the event where it will all happen.

Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Apple has sent specifications of the device to the Australian media companies to probe their interest in such a product which would apparently resemble a larger version of the iPod Touch.

The article mentions that Amazon was also in the race to distribute content from major newspapers and media outlets but unfortunately wanted to keep a staggering 70 percent of the revenue whereas Apple would be happy with less than half of that. It currently keeps only 30 percent of the revenue generated on the App store.

The Cupertino giant may be looking to replicate the success it had with the iPod range by producing a common platform for all content (printed or not), going far beyond what Amazon's Kindle has managed to achieve until now.

Apple may still be looking to launch a unified content solution that will take also bring in Cocktail and SMH also highlights the fact that Apple is working on this with the major recording labels worldwide.

We have been quite dismissive of a giant iPod Touch tablet for a number of reasons and back in January, we published an article entitled "5 Reasons Why a Giant iPod Touch Will Be A Dud".

Our Comments

Yesterday, we heard about a possible hint dropped by a senior executive at a New York Times meeting where he mentioned an Apple Slate, which pretty much sums up the technical characteristics of the device. In addition, the Daily Telegraph has written about leaked photos from ODM Foxconn which apparently showed SIM trays of the fourth generation iPhone and the iTablet.

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