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Nintendo Wii Black Edition To Cost £165 At Online Retailers

Nintendo's surprise gaming console, the Wii Limited Back Edition, will be available nationwide on the 6th of November but buyers can already pre-order it from a number of online retailers including Currys, or Amazon for a mere £165 including delivery.

In addition, those buying at Amazon will be able to choose between FIFA 10 or Star Wars : The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes and choose another game for free, a bundle deal that carries a suggested retail price of £79.96. That's on top of the £15 discount from the manufacturer's SRP.

The Black Nintendo Wii console, which was announced last week, comes with the usual assortment of accessories and games; these includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, a wireless Wii Controller, Motion Plus and one Nunchuk as well as cables and connectors.

The console will go on sale in the rest of Europe two weeks later and punters can always get the white version of the console for £143 from Amazon, a saving of £22 (but then, you lose out on a few goodies). Nintendo has apparently decided to introduce a black version of the console to attract more hardcore male users that are more likely to use the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3.

Nintendo senior product manager Rob Lowe told gaming magazine MCV that “As the new colour launches just a few weeks before New Super Mario Bros. Wii there is potential to attract lapsed gamers who are coming back to gaming for the first time in a number of years who like the look of the hardware”.

Our Comments

Expect more blood bath as we approach Christmas. Amazon still has the upper hand when it comes to the best deals but Game and Gamestation (as well as the supermarkets) could well surprise us all. The Department of Health has condoned the use of the Nintendo Wii as a way to improve someone's health by doing more exercise.

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