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Qualcomm Innovation Center Launched

In a bid to step up its mobile open source efforts, Qualcomm on Monday has unleashed a distinct wholly-owned subsidiary to develop open source software for various mobile systems.

The subsidiary, codenamed as the ‘Qualcomm Innovation Center’, or ‘QuIC’, would include a dedicated team of engineers spearheaded by Rob Chandhok, senior VP of software strategy for CDMA technologies at Qualcomm.

Along the same line, Chandhok said in a statement: “These engineers will focus on such important open source initiatives as Linux and Webkit, and on open source operating systems such as Symbian, Android and Chrome”.

The company further noted that the open source software is increasingly being employed in a range of connected consumer devices across the board, right from contemporary mobile computing devices to traditional mobile phones and smartphones.

In addition, the company said that engineers at the QuIC already possess sound knowledge of the ways to “hardware-optimize the performance of mobile operating systems and the software applications that run on them”.

The move comes as a part of Qualcomm’s intensive efforts to make a mark as a reliable player in providing technologies in the smartphone domains, but it has only managed to receive a rather modest response so far.

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Incidentally, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon has turned out to be a processor of choice for a host of early Android-powered handsets, and it is being dubbed as a strong contender for advanced ARM/Linux-based netbooks.

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