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Google Android 2.0 "Eclair" SDK Presented To Developers

Google Inc. on Tuesday has rolled out the software development kit (SDK) for its next iteration of Android operating system for developers, version 2.0.

The news emerges a day before the network operator Verizon Wireless is expected to unveil its first Android-powered smartphone, Motorola Droid, at an event in New York.

Codenamed as “Eclair”, the next version of the operating system comes with several attractive features, including support for multiple email account syncing, as well as complete support for Microsoft Exchange.

In addition, other tweaks in the next iteration of the mobile OS involve support for HTML5 and Bluetooth 2.1, multi-touch features, and support for digital camera zooming.

It even incorporates a handy feature, dubbed as ‘Quick Contact’, which enables the user to simply click on to any image and subsequently get the choice to call, email, or message that individual.

The graphics processing software has also been bolstered up to make the apps more appealing to the end users, and the SDK even involves an emulator which lets developers try out the app before releasing it to users.

Xavier Ducrochet, chief of the Android development team, wrote in a blog posting: “Over the next few months, we expect to see more and more Android devices being released. These devices will be running Android 1.5, 1.6, or 2.0.”

Our Comments

Google is making huge strides with Android and is quickly positioning itself as the main iPhone competitor. One can also expect a number of smartphones and other devices (that might include ebook readers or smartphones) to flood the market in the next few months. But Google will certainly need to up the ante if it wants to prevent Apple from running away with the high end of the smartphone market.

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