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MSN To Collaborate With Myspace Over Music Project

Microsoft’s MSN is reportedly holding discussions with MySpace over using the social networking website’s MySpace Music to help reinforce its own online music portal, according to reports from the technology blog AllThings D.

The blog quoted that the discussions were still in the preliminary stages, and that the financial terms for any such agreement haven’t been known yet.

It further mentioned that the agreement could involve licensing of music content and other related services, where the social networking website has a heavy thrust of late in order to distinguish itself from competitor Facebook.

Although Microsoft has its own signature online music portal, dubbed as ‘MSN Music’, but it’s not as popular among music enthusiasts as some other music websites, and henceforth Microsoft is now looking forward to bolster up its music offerings by striking a deal with MySpace.

In spite of a rather similar range of services, such as playback of tunes, music downloads, info on concert appearances, etc, MySpace is apparently more appealing than MSN Music.

This is primarily because of the interactive nature of MySpace Music, which boasts of hugely trafficked forums for various sections, like acoustic and metal, along with a karaoke section that allows the users to post videos of their own renditions.

Our Comments

Myspace and MSN.. If only Microsoft bought Myspace in the first place and integrated it with MSN in some sort of social networking website melting pot, that would have been awesome... back in 2006 that is. Facebook is dominating the market like never before and is probably making Microsoft and Google uneasy as it stands.

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