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Symbian Reveals More About Developer Program

The Symbian Foundation on Tuesday has officially unveiled its signature application publishing platform in a bid to embolden the developers’ community to build, market as well as distribute applications for its widely employed mobile operating system.

The foundation used its annual Symbian Exchange and Exposition (SEE) symposium in London to announce the new platform, dubbed as “Horizon”, along with several new OS tweaks. Incidentally, the foundation has already announced that it will switch its OS to an open source license.

The new platform primarily aims at phasing out the hassles involved in creating, marketing, and distributing apps, by lowering the entry bar for developing apps for the Symbian platform.

The Horizon program would assist developers with a range of tasks, including language translation, marketing drives, and app certification.

Although the foundation would carry on to approve apps for security procedures, it claimed that it would be more open as well as transparent than some of its competitors (ed: that's Apple's iPhone for us all)

Tech website quoted the executive director of the Symbian Foundation, Lee Williams, as saying: “Other open-source projects look no further than Linux or Eclipse and are really 'green field' platforms. We are doing something different”.

He further noted the layout that would see handsets powered with S^2 build, the foundation's first wholly open source platform, as early as in the first half of the next year.

Our Comments

Symbian needs to make sure that it will not lag behind its main competitors as the shift to smartphones accelerates in 2010 and beyond. Getting developers onboard as quickly as possible is critical to Symbian's plans to maintain the hegemony of the platform in the mobile market.

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