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VMWare Fusion Allows Mac Users To Run Windows 7

Leading virtualization vendor VMware has come up with its latest iteration of its VMware Fusion software which now allows Mac users to run Windows 7 on their systems.

Apart from extending support to Windows 7, the new VMware Fusion 3.0 is also designed to boost up the overall performance and improve the experience of using a virtual machine.

The software has also been tailored to work more efficiently with Snow Leopard and it offers native support for the 64 bit kernel besides supporting cutting edge 3D graphics.

The move from VMware is likely to go down very well with its regular users who have been eagerly waiting for the update to be rolled out since Windows 7 hit the stores.

Even though other companies like Parallels have beaten it in the race of coming out first with a virtualization support for Windows 7 on Mac systems, VMware can still hope to make the lost ground in quick time.

Analysts point out that new software scores high on account of the flexibility it offers to Mac Users to share their data between the Windows environment and the native Mac environment and one can easily pull in music and videos through Mac Finder into the Windows environment with effortless ease.

Our Comments

VMWare is already available from Amazon for £58.99 (it is currently on preorder), that is slightly more expensive than Parallels Desktop 4.0. VMWare however is a better known company and that might be just enough for it to outclass Parallels' offering.

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