Apple App Store Reaches 100,000 Apps

Apple has scaled yet another milestone, as its mobile app store now includes a whopping 100,000 approved apps, according to unofficial data revealed by the iPhone app directory App Shopper.

Although Apple hasn’t made any official announcement about reaching such remarkable figures, but App Shopper claimed that the iPhone maker’s app store is now home to around 102,000 standard applications.

The online store reportedly had around 65,000 apps in the month of August, and it took two-and-a-half months to reach the coveted mark of 100,000.

Of all the currently available apps on the company’s signature applications store, as many as 93,000 apps are actually available for download or purchase as of October 28.

The total count of apps on Apple app store has comfortably outnumbered the number of apps available on the rival’s stores, including Windows Mobile Marketplace, Android Marketplace, Nokia’s Ovi Store, and Google’s Android Marketplace put together.

Google Android Marketplace is the closest competitor of the Apple’s store with approximately 10,000 apps included in it, while BlackBerry app world hosts some 3040 apps.

Incidentally, last month, Apple announced that there were almost 85,000 apps available on its app store, with the sales figures, including those sold as well as free, reaching the incredible mark of two billion.

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More app store news for today. Apple is still the big daddy of mobile application providers. App store is now absurdly popular and has suffered almost no glitches at all, which is even more commendable given the amount of users out there (tens of millions) and the number of apps on the market.

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