Conservatives Considering Tax Breaks For UK Games Industry

Shadow minister for culture, Ed Vaizey, has slammed the government’s lack of proper support to UK’s gaming industry, which has been referred to as a critically significant economic growth area by him.

Addressing the London Games Conference, Vaizey asserted that if the Conservatives win the next election, they would further expand the responsibility of the Film Industry to include the video games sector.

He further noted that the existing government has apparently failed to nurture the UK video games sector adequately, leading to significant falloff the industry in comparison to other countries.

According to a recent report from the National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts (Nesta), the UK games industry currently stands at the third spot, but it is feared to have dropped to sixth spot by the next year primarily because of the brain drain on the country’s talent.

Video games trade body has extolled the future plans laid out by Ed Vaizey to explore new avenues to help the UK video games sector should his party come in power in next year's general elections.

Tech website MCV cited Michael Rawlinson, director general of the trade body ELSPA, as mentioning: “Ed Vaizey appeared to share our concern that without solid ongoing support and help from Government there is a real chance of the UK games industry losing jobs, income and standing in the global marketplace”.

Our Comments

The games industry not only generates massive amounts of revenues every year but is also set to grow even more with the arrival of more powerful mobile platforms like the iPhone. It makes perfect sense not only to back the gaming industry as a job creating sector for the younger generation.

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