Details About HTC Droid Eris Leaked

More details have emerged about HTC's next Android-based mobile phone which will be known as the Droid Eris and will join the Motorola Droid on the Verizon Wireless line up.

(ed: Trustedreviews apparently confirmed that the phone will NOT be a Droid phone for Verizon). The device, which will be available for only $99 on a two year contract, is said to be lined up for launch on the 6th of November with warehouses across the US already stocking the elusive phone.

Formerly known as Desire, the Eris, will have a 5-megapixel camera without flash but with autofocus, WiFi, HSDPA, GPS and Android 2.0. The screen, possibly a 3.5-inch model, will be multitouch capable and capacitive with a resolution similar to the iPhone 3GS (480x320 pixels).

Compared to the Motorola Droid, the Eris doesn't come with a keyboard and the onboard memory is likely to be a fraction of the 16GB that comes with the Droid. But it will surely replace the ageing Hero and other HTC Android based smartphones that are available in several markets.

Talking of which, no release dates have been officially tabled in the UK (and in the rest of Europe). However, its $99 selling price means that we are likely to see it arrive in the UK with a monthly contract cost of £25 with a free smartphone.

Our Comments

The Eris is a gorgeous phone and if it is cheap enough, it might be a potential competitor to the iPhone when it comes to hardware. However, we firmly believe that for a foreseeable future, Apple will have the upper hand because of its ecosystem.

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