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Facebook Reveals Future Features Roadmap To Developers

In a bid to increase the interest of developers in the Facebook platform, the social networking giant held a special online event which offered a roadmap of upcoming features and functionalities that will be introduced on its platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg while speaking on the online event, which was been labelled as Facebook Developer Garage Palo Alto - Roadmap Edition, gave developers a hint at the vision that the company has in mind and what they can look forward to, including ways to create new software applications and help developers manage their relationship with users.

The event was also joined by Ethan Beard, head of business development for Facebook, who walked the developers through the roadmap, highlighting the possible changes in APIs and addressed other related queries.

Some of the new features that Facebook now plan to focus on include the Open Graph API which is designed to add Facebook page like functionalities to any webpage and it will allow users to become fans and publish stories through any webpage.

Apart from the above, users will be able to share their primary email information with App developers, a move that is surely likely to help app developers in maintaining relationship with their user base.

Our Comments

Like Apple, Facebook knows that developers are essential for the good running of its ecosystem. Hence those increasingly frequent roadshows that look to keep Facebook on top of the minds of the programming community.

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