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Google Launches GPS Navigation Tool For Android 2.0

Google Inc. has forayed into turn-by-turn GPS navigation domain by launching the beta version of its new GPS navigation tool, dubbed as Google Maps Navigation software, specifically for Android 2.0-powered devices.

Although Google Maps service for mobile devices has been there for a long time, but it was not flexible to be used on the go and much less useful when it comes to offering turn-by-turn account to drivers.

But with the new Google Maps Navigation tool the search engine giant has resolved the issue by combining GPS positioning with the loads of information available on Google Maps.

Like many other high-end GPS navigation software available in the market, this recent tool from the labs of Google also incorporates voice-command feature, which assists drivers by providing them with real-time traffic and routes information.

However, in addition to providing simple turn and routes-related commands, the Google’s software would pinpoint businesses as well as other locations as given in Google Maps, thereby taking navigation to door-to-door instead of erstwhile street-to-street.

Furthermore, the software would be available for free of charge, implying that there would be no costly licenses, or hefty charges for extra maps for newer regions, or for offering premium services for real-time traffic updates.

Google Maps Navigation software is believed to be available as a built-in service with Verizon’s Droid smartphone when it is debuted on 6 November.

Our Comments

Google's new tool is likely to be very, very bad news for the likes of TomTom and other satellite navigation devices which sell dedicated devices. But convergence will ultimately win the day; just most phones nowadays play MP3 or record voices, they will soon offer much better GPS functionality.

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