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IDC : Server Sales To Improve In 2010

A recent study conducted by research firm IDC has predicted that the server market which is currently reeling under the global economic downturn may soon see a revival in the coming months.

According to the document, global shipments of servers have gone down by nearly 21 percent during last year and the major reason for the poor sales was recession and virtualization.

The report also mentions that virtualization is quickly becoming extremely popular in the industry and currently HP is leading in sales figures for servers shipped with virtualization while Dell comes second.

When it came to the virtualization licensing market, VMware still continues to rule the roost and its solutions have a clear lead in market share over similar offerings from the Microsoft stable and others.

Expressing its views on the possibility of good server sales in future, IDC in a statement mentioned "The market is poised for the beginning of a significant infrastructure refresh cycle in the months ahead. IDC believes that virtualization will be a cornerstone technology as enterprise organisations around the globe accelerate the need for more dynamic and converged infrastructure."

The report from IDC surely comes across as a good sign for many technology companies including IBM and HP which are looking introduce new solutions into the server market.

Our Comments

Well, there are chances that IDC's predictions do not come true for a number of reasons. As we saw a few days ago, even economic analysts can get their data wrong when it comes to saying when the recession will be off in the UK at least. The spread of virtualization will also make it difficult to sell more servers because even two year old servers now have multicore processors and support virtualization.

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