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Juniper Networks Ups Ante With New Hardware

In what could be seen as the company’s most significant announcement since it was founded back in 1997, Juniper Networks unleashed a comprehensive array of new gears, including software and hardware components for enterprises surrounding its New Network programme.

The New Network initiative places the firm’s network operating system, codenamed as ‘Junos’, at the pivotal point of the enterprise network while encompassing it with a number of key technologies, such as processors that deliver ‘3D Scaling’.

In addition, the company also unveiled advanced Junos processors containing much faster routers, along with fresh cloud computing as well as security solutions.

The company has also struck partnership deals with some of the tech heavyweights of the industry, including a licensing agreement with IBM on Blade Network Technologies to create Blade systems incorporating Junos software. It also penned other deals with Dell.

The company’s Junos software is actually a cross-network platform that incorporates the Junos networking OS, Junos Pulse integrated network client, and Junos Space network app platform.

The Junos One cluster of processors involves a Junos Trio chipset, which will be available in modular line cards, as well as 3.5-inch routers for the MX Series of Juniper.

Kevin Johnson, chief executive of Juniper Networks, said in a statement: “Juniper believes it is time for a new approach to networking based on smart systems and open software platforms, an approach that adapts to changing business dynamics, embraces partnerships and unleashes innovation”.

Our Comments

Quite a busy few days for the world of networking. IBM penning three separate agreements, Cisco purchasing three different companies and now Juniper Networks releasing a slew of new technologies. This is a clear sign that things are indeed heating up.

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