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Nintendo Officially Unveils DSi LL Console With Bigger Screen

A new version of Nintendo's popular DSi Console is set to debut in Japan on the 21st of November with a slightly higher price tag than the normal DSi and will carry the moniker DSi LL.

The brand new console will unfortunately not be available for sale in Europe until the first quarter of 2010, which means that Nintendo will have missed the lucrative Christmas season.

Tech blog Kotaku reports that the DSi LL will have two 4.3-inch screens, which will nearly double the surface area offered by the previous Nintendo Wii but strangely, the amount of pixels displayed will still be the same.

The new gaming console, which is expected to sport the same hardware, as the DSi, will have two touch pens, one shorter and one longer, as well as three DSiWare games bundled.

The DSi LL will have a suggested retail price of 20,000 Yen or around £134. The current DSi retails for £140 at Amazon (opens in new tab) and any significant price hike could bring the price of the DSi LL closer to the Nintendo Wii gaming console.

According to the Register (opens in new tab), Nintendo has already confirmed that the new console will cost more in the UK than the DSi and will be called the DSi XL.

Our Comments

Early adopters will feel the pinch (and being ripped off). Just like Motorola with the Dext and the Droid, the DSi LL will leave owners of DSi and DSi lite with a bitter taste in the mouth. Staying ahead of the curve comes at a hefty price sometimes.

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