Symbian Launches Horizon App Store

The Symbian Foundation has officially unveiled its signature application publication program for the developers’ community, in a bid to assist them in creating, marketing, and distributing applications for the world’s most extensively used, open source, mobile operating system.

Codenamed as “Horizon”, the platform would is designed to assist developers in carrying out a multitude of tasks significantly faster.

It would ease out the accreditation procedure for the Symbian Signed apps, have their apps featured in various operators’ app stores as well as in the inventory of manufacturers, and even have their apps registered with the Horizon Directory.

Lee Williams, chief executive of the Foundation, said the organisation is well familiar that the surging diversity of app stores for Symbian are actually multiplying problems for developers by forcing them to go through different review and submission procedures.

Williams said in a statement: “Symbian Horizon retains this advantage, while reducing the burden by becoming a conduit to multiple stores, helping developers reach the largest global mobile market in the world more efficiently”.

The Foundation already noted on Tuesday that the first 50 applications for the platform had already been processed, and now the program is fully available for the developers.

The move would presumably help Symbian to consolidate its leading position in the mobile operating system domains, and could help the Foundation in gaining some of its lost market share back.

Our Comments

Is it a matter of "too little, too late"? The iPhone and to a lesser extent, Android, have both manage to come up with fully working over-the-air- application solutions for a while now and Symbian, which used to rule the smartphone market, has struggled

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