Apple Brings Apple TV 3.0 Software Update

Apple Inc. has spruced up the offerings of its signature Apple TV platform, bringing a bevy of features, including added support for iTunes LP and streaming internet radio, along with adding a refreshing appeal to its interface.

The company on Thursday rolled out the latest version for its Apple TV software, codenamed as “Apple TV 3.0”, in a bid to lure the users by embedding host of new features and added support into it.

Among the most notable attributes, Apple have integrated the software’s compatibility with the latest iTunes LP as well as iTunes Extras formats that were debuted alongside iTunes 9.

Music playing options also saw noticeable improvements in the guise of inclusion of support for Genius Mixes, and the capability of streaming internet radio stations.

In addition, image browsing capabilities have also been upgraded to support Faces and Events from the user’s iPhoto library.

The user interface has received a remarkable facelift, with a majority of the text being put in Helvetica in the main menus.

There has been a significant change in the style the menus were placed, as the latest reconfiguration has set the main menu in a horizontal manner with sub-menus being arranged in vertical format, exactly opposite to the erstwhile interface.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of Internet Services, said in a statement: “The new software for Apple TV features a simpler and faster interface that gives you instant access to your favourite content”.