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Google All Set To Unveil Google Wave For Federation

Search engine giant Google is all set to open up its Google Wave platform for federation today which will pave the way for users to connect their own Wave servers with the Google infrastructure, according to a report carried out by TheNextWeb.

A striking fact about the much vaunted Google Wave platform is its federated design which essentially offers users to share their Wave servers with other servers running on Google Wave platform and it opens up interesting possibilities in real time collaborative computing and information sharing.

It is important to note that Google currently offers the Google Wave platform through two distinct infrastructures with one dedicated to the developer preview sandbox while the other is for consumer preview which currently is limited to a hundred thousand users only.

Now Google plans to throw open the sandbox infrastructure sometime today and thereby letting users with their own Wave servers to connect seamlessly with the Google infrastructure.

Since its launch, Google Wave has been drawing accolades for the sheer flexibility and extensive set of gadgets it provides and its new move is surely going to add to its stellar repute.

You can find the descriptions of the newest robots, gadgets and emulators added over at

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