Orange Sees a Sharp Decline in its Customer Base

Leading internet service provider Orange UK has seen its customer base shrink to just around 899,000 users amidst the economic downturn and the increasing competition in the ISP market.

The drop in number for Orange, which has seen its subscriber base plummet below the 1 million mark, is seen by many analysts as a failure of the company to keep up with innovative schemes and techniques offered by rivals in the ISP market.

The downturn is not limited to Orange UK, as its parent company France Telecom is too going through a difficult time with profits for the third quarter falling by 8 percent over the same period last year.

While Orange UK has been fairing rather poorly, Orange Mobile has been able to buck the recessionary trend had has notched up an impressive growth in its subscriber base which now stands at over 4.7 million subscribers, a steep increase of 64 percent.

The increase in Orange Mobile user base is also in line with the increase amongst users to opt for mobile broadband service as compared to traditional ISP plans.

Though the third quarter results for Orange UK do not sound encouraging, the company does hope get back its lost ground and hopefully schemes like newly launched plans to offer speed of up to 20Mbbps may help it beat the competition.