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Ubuntu Steps Up Linux-Based Netbook OS Offering

Canonical has brought upon a noticeable upgrade to its Linux distribution for netbooks, making the interface more user-friendly and adding a host of new programs that the company pitches will make it simpler for users to access the internet and the related content.

The new update, codenamed as the Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix, has been tailored to easily run the fundamental Web as well as Office applications generally used on netbooks.

The company’s latest operating system, dubbed as “Karmic Koala”, centralises bookmarks and applications on to a single interface to enable quicker access to websites and programs.

Furthermore, the newer version of Ubuntu’s Linux distribution brings many new features and offers the latest iteration of the GNOME desktop environment along with other applications.

Ubuntu 9.10 is the first release that incorporates Ubuntu One, the company’s new web syncing service, which has received several new features, such as the capability of syncing contacts from Evolution Mail as well as notes from Tomboy.

The service can be activated by launching it directly from the Application menu given in the GNOME panel.

In addition, the latest update also tenders an enhanced start up experience with improved boot performance and some noteworthy artwork.

Jane Silber, Canonical’s COO, touted the new version by saying, “Ubuntu 9.10 gives users more reasons than ever to seriously consider Linux at a time when many are thinking again about their operating system options. We are delivering a platform for users interested in an easy-to-use, great-looking, web-friendly operating system”.

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