UK Consumers Lack Trust On Online Retailers, Says Survey

While online retailing is seemingly becoming the order of the day, a majority of UK consumers simply don’t have faith over the online retailers when it comes to security of their sensitive personal data, says a recent survey.

The survey, conducted by the renowned security vendor Symantec, asked UK consumers to rate various sectors on the scale of one to six on the basis of the reliance they had on them for securing their personal info, with one being the highest point.

The survey showed some striking results, with a sizeable proportion of the respondents noted that they trusted the banking sector the most, and online retailers to the lowest degree when it’s about the security of their private data online.

Banking sector emerged as the most reliable one with the score of 3, while the online retailers were at the bottom of the list with an average score of 3.7.

Strikingly, the online retail sector even fell behind the public sector in ensuring faith of the UK citizens, in spite of surfacing of some of the reports of late showing massive data loss incidencts by a few government agencies.

Chi-Chi Liang, Symantec’s senior product marketing manager for data loss prevention, said in a statement: “These results show a general concern about the safety of personal data held by private and public sector organisations in the UK”.