Facebook Awarded $711 Million In a Law Suit Against “Spam King”

In a strong message to all junk mailers, a California federal judge has awarded the social networking website Facebook with more than $700 million in damages in a case against Sanford Wallace, infamous ‘Spam King’ in the virtual parlance.

The federal court has reportedly slapped the widely infamous spammer Sanford Wallace, who is accused of gaining access to hundreds of Facebook accounts and sending junk messages to them, with the fines worth $711.2 million.

Expressing the company’s contentment with the court’s ruling, a member of the Facebook’s legal team, Sam O’Rourke, said in a statement: “While we don't expect to receive the vast majority of the award, we hope that this will act as a continued deterrent against these criminals”.

In addition, the judge further referred the spammer to the US Attorney’s Office with an appeal that he should be prosecuted for his felonious act, meaning that he could even face prison term, O’Rourke added.

Announcing the ruling, US District judge Jeremy Fogel in California, noted: “The record demonstrates that Wallace wilfully violated the statutes in question with blatant disregard for the rights of Facebook and thousands of Facebook users whose accounts were compromised by his conduct”.

Incidentally, back in March, the social networking site had already won temporary restraining orders against three prominent spammers, including Wallace.