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Gmail Goes Down for Some Users on Halloween

A number of users of Gmail, the free email service from Google have reported outages with the service on Halloween and some have even claimed that they were unable to access the service for over 24 hours.

The outage has reportedly affected users across different regions including UK and users have reported receiving an error code 502, when they tried to reach the site.

The current outage is the most recent in a series of outages that Google has suffered this year and at times the service has been down for several hours.

The search engine giant has now acknowledged the issue, however it has clarified that the issue has affected a very minuscule percentage of its user base and is not widespread.

Of late Google has aggressively tried to market its cloud based computing services to enterprises and any incidents of service failure even in case of a completely unrelated service, does not go down well with its corporate users who use premium based on reliability.

Some analysts believe that Google needs to actively look at improving its failsafe mechanisms for Gmail, given the fact that the email service is used by millions across the world as their primary email.

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