Illegal Downloader’s of Music Also Happen to Spend Most on Music, Says Survey

A recent study has revealed that people who admit to have illegally downloaded music also happen to be amongst those who spend the highest on music.

The study was based on a poll commissioned by the think tank Demos and it found that people who have downloaded music illegally spent nearly £77 a year on music which apparently was £33 more than those who claimed to have never downloaded music files illegally.

The findings of the survey seem to suggest that government plans, based on the recommendation of music industry to disconnect persistent file sharers may backfire on the music industry.

Expressing his views on the subject, Peter Bradwell from Demos mentioned “The latest approach from the Government will not help prop up an ailing music industry. Politicians and music companies need to recognise that the nature of music consumption has changed, and consumers are demanding lower prices and easier access,"

Many analysts believe that it is way better for the music industry to come up with a business format through which music could be accessed online at relatively cost effective rates or even free with ad-support as this will do more to curb the menace of illegal music downloads than threats of prosecution.