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Latest Intel Chipsets Causing iPhone-Windows 7 Syncing Woes

iPhone users are reportedly having a hard time in syncing their handset with their PCs running Microsoft’s latest OS upgrade Windows 7, and Intel’s new chipset Intel 55 is to blame for the entire chaos.

Apple’s support forums are simply inundated with a large number of postings from users complaining about the iPhone-Windows 7 synchronization-related woes.

As per the postings, iPhone users have not been able to sync their smartphones with Windows 7, and were being hit by the error code Error 0xE8000065 during the course.

The issue is primarily affecting P55-based motherboards on a variety of platforms from Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI, and 64-bit version of Windows 7 is seemingly more vulnerable to the issue than its 32-bit cousin.

In addition, users have reported the similar problems while using a PC’s motherboard-based, as well as a powered USB hub.

However, some users have had success in syncing contents, like iTunes for Windows 7, by using a PCI-based USB card, which apparently bypasses the P55’s on-board USB controller.

A few users have even managed to resolve the problem with a few fixes including removing the iPodDevices.xml file from ‘C:\Users username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes’, simply by reaching the BIOS state to switch on the C-state capability, or disabling Bonjour.