Looking to Learn About Google Wave, Check the New Guide

In a move aimed at helping users of Google Wave to become more proficient with the platform, Gina Trapani and Adam Pash of Lifehacker have come out with an elaborate user manual that gives detail insights into the functioning of Google Wave.

The user manual which has been titled as “The Complete Guide to Google Wave” essentially contains 8 chapters and it aims to thoroughly cover nearly every aspect of Google Wave.

The guide has been created with the help of MediaWiki software and hence a user can look to improve it with their suggestions.

It is important to note that Google currently does not offer an official guide to Google Wave, however it does have a 90 minute video tutorial that one can look into to gain more knowledge about the platform.

Though the video is quite detailed and informative, novice users may find it of little use when they are looking to find solutions for a specific query which they may have in mind.

So in absence of an official guide, the new user manual is likely to find many takers who would like to quickly know more about a particular feature or functioning in quick time.