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Nokia Scrapping N-Gage Mobile Gaming Phone

Nokia over the weekend announced that it is planning to cease producing new videogames for its mobile platform N-Gage, which was once billed by the company as a synonym to mobile gaming, from next year.

The Finnish mobile phone giant, in a blog post, noted that it would continue selling games through its online marketplace Ovi app store.

N-Gage users, however, can download games for their N-Gage platforms until the end of the third quarter of next year, though new games won’t be published on the platform.

Furthermore, games purchased earlier will continue to function on the mobile handsets, though the community features will be removed in the month of September next year.

The world’s largest mobile phone maker, however, once pitched N-Gage mobile platform as a lucrative way to help it counter the competition posed by Apple and Samsung, specifically in the mobile gaming arena.

But, the device unfortunately got off to a shaky start with a flurry of launch postpones affecting the market of the device badly. Incidentally, the company even developed a full-fledged gaming handset, also dubbed as ‘N-Gage’, in the year 2006, but had to pull it back due to its miserable sales.

The company quoted in a blog post: “As mobile gaming evolves and begins to encompass social gaming, we want to offer one store front with an even broader portfolio of games -- games for everyone. It's much more convenient to have one place to get all your mobile games, and this is what Ovi Store provides”.

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